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Collecting Information

1. What information is collected?

For each visitor, the County collects the following information: the Internet Protocol (IP) address, type of browser used, the date and time of the visit, the addresses of the pages on this web site to which you link during a visit to the County's web site.

2. Is any information collected automatically just by accessing this web site?

The information listed above is collected automatically when you access the County's web site.

3. Does this web site place a cookie on your computer?

Our pages on affiliate websites may place cookies on your computer per the policies of those affilate websites. Please be aware of changing privacy policies when visiting affiliate sites.

4. How is the collected information used?

The County analyzes the web site activity by tracking visitor movements through the site. Each computer on the internet has an IP address. We use IP addresses to track the number of visits to the County's web site and to identify the most popular pages. This helps us improve the performance and value of the materials available on this web site. At some point you may wish to contact the County via email. The information that you provide in such an email message is used solely to fulfill your online request. The County does not share, sell, or trade any information collected on this web site. However, visitors should be aware that the Virginia Freedom of Information Act requires, upon proper request, that all public records be released unless such record is specifically exempted by the Act.

County Mailing Lists

Personal information provided to Rockingham County in the form of email or electronic form is used solely to respond to your request, inquiry, or transaction. Rockingham County does not sell or rent personal information to any third party organization. Rockingham County does not provide specific information about users or other personally identifiable data to unaffiliated third parties for their independent use, except if required to do so by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (the “FOIA”) or other law. As set forth in section 2.2-3705.1(10) of the Code of Virginia, you may request that your electronic mail address be exempt from disclosure pursuant to a FOIA request. Should you wish for your electronic mail address to be exempt from disclosure pursuant to FOIA, please send an E-mail to the Recreation Department at recreation@rockinghamcountyva.gov with the subject title “Do not disclose my email address.”

Comment Policy

We welcome your comments to Rockingham County’s Facebook page and Twitter stream.

The purpose of the County’s presence on Facebook and Twitter is to present matters of public interest in Rockingham County for its residents, businesses, and visitors. We encourage you to submit your questions, comments, and concerns, but please note this is a moderated online discussion site.

Once posted, the County reserves the right to delete submissions that contain vulgar language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive comments that target or disparage any ethnic, racial, or religious group. Further, the County reserves the right to delete comments that:

include spam or links to other sites; are clearly off topic; advocate illegal activity; promote particular services, products, or political organizations; or infringe on copyrights or trademarks.

Decisions regarding the restriction or deletion of content will be made by the Communications Director with consultation from the County Attorney.

Please note that the comments expressed on this site do not reflect the opinion and position of the Rockingham County government or its officers and employees. If you have any questions concerning the operation of this online moderated discussion site, please contact the recreation department at recreation@rockinghamcountyva.gov

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